10 Hong Kong Films To Look Forward To In 2017

2017 promises to be turbulent world-wide, but at least it seems that the cinema world will keep us all captivated. Characterised by a blend of old cinema legends and motives with the new and the contemporary, Hong Kong this year has certainly made sure to cater to all audiences. Offering from old wuxia, to fire-action, romance, comedy, and irreplicable thrillers, theatres will have plenty in store. Make sure not to miss this top-10 selection!

  1. The Adventurers

Stephen Fung’s latest film has a cast that can only promise the best. With an exciting mix of Hong Kong cinema veteran Andy Lau, Taiwanese star Shu Qi, and French legend Jean Reno, The Adventurers promises to bring us some John Woo nostalgia with its action-filled plot. The scenes take place in the gorgeous landscapes of the Czech Republic and France, bringing a real fresh blend of old and new cinema traditions. This joint project between Warner Bros. and CMC is guaranteed to be the next summer blockbuster.

2. Cook Up A Storm

There are few things that tell as much about Cantonese culture as food does. Wan Mai Yip has taken Cantonese food and identity and cleverly packed them in this comedy. A street food cook comes face to face with a Michelin star chef from France in an international cooking competition. Nicholas Tse, Jung Yong Hwa, Tiffany Tang and Michelle Bai come together to deliver a film that is bound to make you laugh, and definitely feel very hungry. The film is premiering on February 10th.

3. Love Contractually

Far from the giddy, love-conquers-all, obligatory English Christmas special that is Love Actually, Lio Guo-Nan has decided to bring a totally different story. Gorgeous CEO, Katrina, played by Sammi Cheng, wants to have a child, so she employs a sexy assistant, Joseph Chang, without telling him her real motive for hiring him. With a hilarious mix of sensuality, attraction, absurdity and clumsiness, the film unveils hidden layers of the unlikely pair, defying all their, and our expectations.

4. Shock Wave

Andy Lau scores again this time under Herman Yau’s direction. A bomb-disposal officer, Andy Lau holds the fate of Hong Kong in the tips of his fingers in what he has described as a “very Hong Kong-style action thriller”, including of course, a powerful criminal gang. Herman Yau is aiming big, as the film is expected to gain international recognition upon its release. The trailer really builds up the suspense, promising to make those who  will watch rom Hong Kong really sit on the edge of their seats!

5. The Yuppie Fantasia 3

Lawrence Cheng Tan-shui, a veteran of Hong Kong comedy, comes back to inject more humour into the Year of the Rooster. After the 1989 The Yuppie Fantasia, and its 1990 sequel Brief Encounter in Shinjuku, Leung Foon is back. He now returns as a successful, cold-blooded CEO who is sleeping with his young secretary, played by Larine Tang. Everything is turned to its head when his 21 year old daughter, whom he hasn’t seen in 13 years, shows up to his doorstep. Lawrence Chen Tan-shui’s bold move means one thing: the legacy continues.

6. Cherry Returns

Nothing particularly great can come out of the rediscovery of a girl 12 years after her kidnapping right? Chris Chow comes forward with a story that uncovers secrets and demons from the past in this tight packed thriller. Stretching from LA to Hong Kong, with plenty of plot twists the story is bound to keep you captivated. Starring Song Jia and Gordon Lam Ka-Tung, Cherry Returns guarantees to bring a mix of trauma, emotion, mystery and adrenaline.

7. Manhunt

No film year would be complete without a John Woo! This time Woo is bringing us back to his classics “Hard boiled Egg” and  “The Killer” with this action thriller. The highly anticipated Manhunt is set in Osaka, Japan, as a remake of Takakura’s 1976 version. With stars like Ha Ji-wong and  Zhang Hanyu, and Takuro Ishizaka as a cinematographer this film has all the right premises to wow the audiences. The story of a prosecutor who sets out to clear his name, Manhunt is guaranteed to stand out and make fans of old Hong Kong action films rejoice. The trailer is soon to come, and until then, we can hold on in anticipation!

Courtesy of Variety

8. 77 Heartbreaks

Herman Yau hits us with love and heartbreak again in this story about…well, 77 heartbreaks! Adam and Eva, played by Charlene Choi and Pakho Chau, break up their 10-year relationship, during Eva has forgiven him 77 times. In a story full of miscommunications, abundant on-screen chemistry and emerging secrets from the past, the audience finds itself completely immersed in this gripping love story. Ultimately the question is, will there be a 78th time? Trailer and film coming soon!

Courtesy of Emperor Motion Pictures 

9. Mrs. K

While it premiered in South Korea in October 2016, this Emperor Motion Pictures production has yet to hit the theatres in Hong Kong. Mrs K, played by Kara Wai, plays an upper middle class housewife living a quaint life in Malaysia with her family. All seems well until someone from her past emerges to turn her life upside down, unveiling her abilities for violent, cunning survival. With an exquisite cast including Wu Bai, Fruit Chan, and Lau Wing, the film stretches across East Asia both in talents as well as in locations. This delightful blend of wuxia, noir and some Tarantino tones promises to go down a treat!

10. Iceman 2

After three years of anticipation, the sequel is here, and Donnie Yen is back! The Ming warriors return after being frozen for 400 years, for some fast and intense action, and the most interesting mix of old and contemporary history. The battle continues together as the modern city witnesses action like it hasn’t seen in centuries. Bringing Huang Shengyi, Wang Baoqiang and Simon Yam, the Iceman is ready to defrost and to break all of our expectations! Coming in theatres in April!


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