Countering Plastic Waste in Hong Kong, or Why Do We Even Bother?

5.28 million plastic bottles are thrown away per day in Hong Kong. Plastic waste is polluting beaches dramatically, directly damaging the environment and biodiversity. There are only few people left that still deny global warming and the harmful impact of human activity on the planet.   We know it. Plastic is everywhere - in our... Continue Reading →


A Look At Women’s Rugby in Hong Kong

Ask almost anyone about the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens and they will know what it is. Even if they are personally not a fan, they will certainly know when it is taking place: it is the one weekend when the city is void of expats, they are all at the Hong Kong Stadium (save for... Continue Reading →

VR Shooting Experiment

A 360 camera will be a blow in the face of anyone who thought they had any filmmaking skills. Making you rethink all set notions of dimension, proportions, movement and angles, today's VR cameras are a promising start for a whole new understanding of film. This is a first and very poor, low quality attempt at understanding how to go about shooting and editing in 360 degrees, using Ricoh Theta S.

What Is Femininity?

Despite the prominence of gender discussions and women taking up a larger portion of the discourse than ever before, it is still difficult to pin down what it means to be feminine. The perception of femininity is as diverse and as rich as there are individuals who are preoccupied with what 'feminine' means, so we set out in the streets of Hong Kong to see what women had to say. Whether it's a visible quality, a type of energy or a goal, the answers are all different!

10 Hong Kong Films To Look Forward To In 2017

2017 promises to be turbulent world-wide, but at least it seems that the cinema world will keep us all captivated. Characterised by a blend of old cinema legends and motives with the new and the contemporary, Hong Kong this year has certainly made sure to cater to all audiences. Offering from old wuxia, to fire-action, romance, comedy, and irreplicable thrillers, theatres will have plenty in store. Make sure not to miss this top-10 selection!

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